Freekeh but fun

ImageQuinoa and farro are the darlings of the “good grains” set right now, but another healthy grain is sprouting fans. It’s called “freekeh,”  pronounced “FREEK-uh” (notice how I spared you all the “freak” puns and double entendres). Freekeh is  roasted green wheat, with a texture kind of a cross between brown rice and bulgur. The flavor is similar to brown rice, and it cooks up the same way, either boiled and drained, or simmered till the water is absorbed. I tried the Rosemary Sage variety from Freekeh Foods Inc. in Minneapolis, which was nicely seasoned (it also comes in original and Tamari). I got at least four servings out of the 8-ounce package. Each serving has 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber; it’s low-fat and organic. According to the company, each bag is $3.99 and available online at a discount for bulk buying. You can find it at Whole Foods but not yet at the West Coast stores. Order online at, where you’ll find more recipes. And you can be the first with the freekeh in your neighborhood!