A winner, and another giveaway!

I’m happy to announce that Barbara Croonquist of Riverside won the free copy of Murrieta author Linda Amendt’s “Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond” (Taunton Press, 2013), which I wrote about in September 2013.

Now I’ve got another giveaway for you, this one from CLIF Bars.  (Photo courtesy CLIF Bars)


Not to be left out of the chocolate frenzy for Valentine’s Day, the company’s  newest bar, Sierra Trail Mix, is the first CLIF Bar flavor to be made with sustainably grown cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. (Yes, it carries the frog seal on the package.) I’m not saying it’s equivalent to a morsel from See’s or Jer’s — but on the other hand, it’s a lot easier to bring along on a romantic stroll than a two-pound box. ;<)

Each 2.4-ounce energy bar also contains peanuts, organic rolled oats and raisins, among other goodies, and weighs in at 250 calories, 70 from fat. Suggested price is $1.39 per bar.

The CLIF Bar folks are offering three giveaways to readers who post a comment on this beyondbites.blog entry. Add your comment below by March 15, and I’ll choose three at random for a free gift pack of CLIF Bars!

(c) copyright Laura Groch 2014

This post was corrected on Feb. 17, 2014 from its original writing.


6 thoughts on “A winner, and another giveaway!

  1. Funny you should mention CLIF bars; we just had a family discussion about them around the dinner table. My sister was commenting that her breakfast most mornings is a blueberry CLIF bar. Somebody else mentioned that they stocked up on the holiday flavors around Thanksgiving. So your blog makes a CLIF bar trifecta today. Looking forward to trying the Sierra Trail Mix, but do I have to wait for hiking weather? (It’s still subfreezing here in Hoosierland.)


    • Hi Karen — I”m sure the CLIF bar folks would be happy to have you enjoy the product at ANY time in ANY climate. (And with winter slamming you guys the way it has been, it’s probably a good idea to keep a couple in the glove compartment just in case you get stranded anywhere! Stay warm!


  2. Don’t forget the CLIF drawing! Get your comments in – beyondbites

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