Enjoy your holiday, but don’t forget to look around

I wouldn’t leave you high and dry for Thanksgiving Day without pointing you to a few trusted recipes.

First up, the sweet potato-and-apple dish that brought me back to the sweet potato fold: You can find it here.

Nor would I leave you without a peek at our Italian family’s stuffing recipe, which you’ll find here.

And, in case you’d like to be reassured that even seasoned cooks can make kitchen blunders, check out the tale of my 2014 turkey here.

I do hope you can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, whether it’s a full-on turkey feast, a vegetarian get-together, or any of myriad other variants on this holiday that’s so very foodie. (I’m not sure any of our other holidays focuses so much on eating as this one, not even the Fourth of July with its picnics!)

In the midst of our food frenzy, though, I’d also like to make a pitch for a simple treat — enjoying the rest of our autumn, before the Christmas onslaught reaches our doors (who am I fooling? I know it’s already here).

A small stand of trees caught my eye I drove to work this morning. With their golden leaves, they stood out from the usual gray-greenery of our California November, and I remembered — hey, it’s still fall.

Technically, Dec. 21 marks the end of autumn, doesn’t it? That’s way too close to Christmas and other December holidays, though, and we blow right past that date.

But there are still piles of leaves to kick through, and finally (finally!) we’re getting some chilly weather to remind us of where we are in the seasonal calendar. September is still too much like summer, and we had an unusually warm October. (To those of you in colder climes who are already struggling with snow, I apologize for being wistful for cool weather. But at least you’ve had two more months than we’ve had to enjoy fall.)

I guess I’m trying to say that autumn appears to be in danger of being obliterated by the relentless thrum of holiday mercantilism. We seem to go from the start of school in late August or early September straight into Halloween, sliding into Thanksgiving. From there we skid into Christmas/Hanukkah without giving a glimpse to crimson foliage, crisp air, or the curiously long shadows from the earth’s different tilt.

Slow down and look around. Maybe this year, take a walk with your gathering (or with your dog, or by yourself) after Thanksgiving dinner. Mother Nature is knocking herself out for you. And isn’t it appropriate to thank the hostess after she puts out such a nice display?

(c) copyright 2015 Laura Groch




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