Instant karma, cooked to order

This is only a little bit food-related, but I wanted to share it. You tell me whether this is karma or not:

We recently marked a birthday weekend with lunch at a local restaurant. I thought it would be a nice tradition to share some birthday with another diner, so we decided to pick up someone’s check anonymously. We enlisted the help of our waitress and she brought us the check of a senior gentleman who was lunching alone.

We had a birthday coupon that was cutting the price of our lunch in half. We handed it to the cashier, and she recalculated our bill. “That comes to $13.77,” she announced.

We paid, and then gave her the second check, belonging to the other diner. She looked at it, looked at us, and said: “Wow, this one is also $13.77.”

What we spent picking up the gentleman’s meal turned out to be what we would have spent anyway on our own meal if we hadn’t had the coupon. Weird how that all worked out, isn’t it? :<)

p.s. if you decide to do a random act of kindness by picking up someone’s check, don’t forget to tip that waitperson, too. :<)

(c) copyright Laura Groch 2016


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