For moms, and the other mothers, too

Mother's Day, mothers, aunts

Not everyone who mothers you is a mom, but they deserve saluting today too. Pictured: Mom, me and my godmother/aunt Rita.


Happy Mother’s Day: Mom, me and my godmother/aunt Rita.

Yes, today is Mother’s Day. You all know what to do about that, I hope. ;<) I’d like to also salute those women who were stand-ins or surrogates or subs or whatever to us. We’ve all had them in our lives: aunts, sisters, cousins, godmothers, neighbors, co-workers, neighbors, friends’ moms, teachers, etc. Not all of them are mothers, but they each serve that role in a small or large way. Give them a thought, a prayer, or if they’re still with you, a call or email. If they’ve been like moms to you, please include them in this day, too. And to all of you reading, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.


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