How to slice bread, or how I get around a round

Round loaf

Slicing a round loaf of bread in half will let you carve off similar-size slices for sandwiches instead of having the slices be uneven in size as you slice the loaf from one side. Photo by Laura Groch




Maybe it’s just me. Who am I kidding? It probably IS just me.

I have a thing about the uneven slices you get from a round loaf of bread.

Don’t get me wrong. I love round loaves of marble rye, sourdough, Italian (oh, Italian …) and multigrain whatever. I have fond memories of my Italian great-aunt holding a basketball-size loaf under her arm as she carved off massive slices with a formidable kitchen knife that was at least a foot long.

She obviously had no trouble with the fact that every slice was a different size.

slices from round loaf

After you slice the loaf down the middle, cut a slice from the left side and one from the right to achieve slices of the same size. Photo by Laura Groch

But if I’m  making sandwiches, I kinda do. I don’t like when one slice is larger than the other. Which side should I mayo? What happens when the lettuce falls out? The tomato has nothing to be chewed in tandem with?

And one morning, a solution came to me. If you’re a little nutty about your bread slices, as I must be, maybe this will work for you. :<)

Just slice the loaf in half, top to bottom. Then slice a slice from the left half of the loaf, and the second from the right half of the loaf. Voila! Two slices of the same width, depth, length. (Assuming you have a fairly steady hand with the knife.)

It’s math applied to kitchen husbandry: As long as you cut corresponding slices from each side, both slices will be the same size. The bread will also stay a little fresher. When you push the two halves of the loaf together for rewrapping, they will be the same size and will protect each other from drying out, unlike if you slice from the end.

Sandwich symmetry achieved. You’re welcome. :<)

(c) copyright Laura Groch 2018



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