Thrifty/Nifty: Salad and sandwich makers, here’s a way to get it together

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All together now: Keep your sandwich/salad players in one container to speed your kitchen preparation. (Photo by Laura Groch)

I make a lot of sandwiches, and a lot of salads. Besides your basic greens, I add a lot of veggies to both: onions, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, radishes. I was forever searching in my fridge for each ingredient, which I had thoughtfully stored in its own little ex-cream cheese or hummus or butter tub.

One day I bought some new containers on sale (of course), in a larger size. And the next time I went to make a sandwich, rummaging in my fridge for every single little veggie container, the great light dawned: Why not corral these players all together?

One of my new containers was perfect for holding that started onion, sliver of tomato, chunk of green/red/yellow pepper, and half a cucumber. (Add your favorite salad/sandwich veggie here.) Having them all in one container helped lessen the refrigerator clutter, organized the ingredients and saved me some kitchen prep time.

Maybe everyone else has been using this hint for years, but it was a breakthrough for me.

Now, obviously you can’t keep ALL your salad/sandwich veggies together. Some things, especially in small pieces, like olives or leftover chopped broccoli or beans for a salad, deserve their own containers. Others could be pretty messy, like guacamole for a sandwich. (But a half avocado, still in the shell, would work.)

Also, be careful with started tomatoes, as they will tend to drip. I keep them on the bottom, cut side up. I also tend to use less-drippy Roma tomatoes, anyway. A separate container might be better if you favor something juicier, like a beefsteak tomato.

And hey, sometimes you just won’t be able to fit everything in one container. So use two! It’s still better (and faster) than fishing around for a half-dozen little tubs when it’s salad- or sandwich-making time.


(c) copyright Laura Groch 2014


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